Holidays Stay-at-Home Ideas for Buena Park by Janet Gillett

Holidays Stay-at-Home Ideas for Buena Park by Janet Gillett

This winter will be a different kind of holiday season. Instead of holiday parties to reconnect with friends, we will be videocalling our friends and loved ones. Despite this, Buena Park has different ways to stay connected with your friends and keep you safe this holiday season.

Yoga Body Elements is continuing to offer virtual yoga and has several options for self care including safe individual Biocharger NG sessions with Ozone 3 purifiers in the studio. Schedule a virtual yoga class with your friends or surprise them with a gift card.

Surprise your friends with a flower delivery from Goldie’s Flower Shop on Irving Park. Across from Thorek Hospital, this shop has plants and flowers that will delight your heart as you look around and find the perfect flowers to show your friends you are thinking of them.

Indulge with a taco pizza from BoJonno’s Pizzaria on Clarendon. Refried beans and taco meat base topped with lettuce, tomatoes, and tortilla chips will make even the taco purist change their mind.

Schedule a date night or friend session with Mind Body Defense. You and a friend of your choice will have the studio to yourself, along with two instructors, and your own punching bag as you move around and stretch out your muscles.

Keep your bike in tip top shape with Nearly New Bikes on Broadway. This locally owned shop can help you get your bike ready for the winter.

Pick up a coffee or hot chocolate at Dollop as you go for a socially distanced walk.

While this isn’t the holiday season we had hoped for, we can surely find ways to celebrate the holiday spirit.

For MBD:

During the Stay at Home Advisory, Mind Body Defense is offering a Monthly Challenge and an at-home workout plan. December’s challenge will focus on the Core. Each workout is beginner friendly. Sign up to join our community now:

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