Buena Park Neighbors Welcomes New Board Members

As the 2020-2021 board takes the reigns, we wanted to take a moment to thank members of the 2019-2020 board for their service to the neighborhood. Gene Tenner built a monthly community newsletter from scratch, growing BPN’s reach and providing consistent, important information to thousands of people across the neighborhood over many years. Curt Wiley spent countless hours each week managing BPN’s day-to-day functions and guiding the organization forward—for the last three years. Cassie Frame ensured that BPN’s operations were smooth, helping the organization handle issues both big and small. Alex Wolking adapted BPN’s famous Hutchinson Street Tours so that the community could celebrate its rich history—even in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. The list goes on and on and on.

If you see any of our 2019-2020 board members around the neighborhood, please feel free to stop them and thank them! The full list of the 2019-2020 Executive Board members is: Curt Wiley, Alice Leahy, Rosa Haraf, Alex Wolking, Gene Tenner, Cassie Frame, Christine Kandaras, Asher Mayerson, Jenny Maraccini, Jessica Eanes, Lisa von Drehle, and Scott Cummings.

Buena Park Neighbors is excited to welcome a collection of talented, diverse new board members who will carry forward the organization’s work in 2021. The new board members (and their respective positions) are:

  • Alex Esenler, Young Professionals Liaison
  • Anna Geller, Small Business Liaison
  • Nora Goebelbecker, Events Chair
  • Bob Leininger, Building Captain Liaison
  • Kalindi Parikh, Arts Chair
  • Darlene Pereda, Non-Profit Liaison
  • Jordan Rothschild, Outreach Chair
  • Nick Ramos, Government Liaison
  • Benjamin Valle, Communications Co-Chair
  • Kaye Viecelli, Schools Liaison
  • Kelly Zimmerman, Parents Liaison

In addition, Buena Park Neighbors is excited to welcome three board members into new roles. Gene Tenner will transition to History Chair, while Curt Wiley and Lisa von Drehle will transition to the Advisory Committee. Please join us in congratulating our board members on their new positions!

2 thoughts on “Buena Park Neighbors Welcomes New Board Members

  1. Jacqueline R Roig

    Welcome to the new board and thanking all who have served on this wonderful Buena Park neighborhood group. Not sure if this is where to mention this, but our beautiful and historic Hutchinson Street is a disaster when it is snowy and icy. Three in our building alone (4200) have fallen on the sidewalks, which are already uneven but not well-shoveled or treated in Chicago’s cold winter months.

    1. Asher Mayerson

      Hi there! Thanks for bringing up the issue on Hutchinson Street. We’ll be sure to get the word out about shoveling and making sure sidewalks are clear during the next snowfall. Stay safe!


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