What is Buena Park Neighbors?

Founded in 1997, Buena Park Neighbors is the neighborhood association of Buena Park in Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood. Its mission is to improve quality of life for everyone in Buena Park by connecting people together, supporting community partners, and improving the place we call home. The 1988 New York Times article, FOCUS: Chicago; The Last Blight in Buena Park, describes Buena Park’s development throughout its long history.

Buena Park Neighbors Association is a 501(c)(3) organization.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support “good living by the lake” for everyone in Buena Park across three priority areas: People, Partners, and Place. BPN identified this mission through a community-driven strategic planning process, which brought together dozens of community members to shape the future of BPN.

Our Neighborhood’s History

The National Register of Historic Places recognized Buena Park in 1984, graced as we are with sheer beauty, the magnificent George Maher mansions on Hutchinson Street and the former speakeasies of Broadway. This rich history underpins our vibrant community. In 2016, Chicago Magazine listed Buena Park as one of the best places to live in Chicago.

Our Leadership Team

The 2020-2021 BPN Board is led by our Executive Team, consisting of the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

President – Rosa Haraf
Vice President – Asher Mayerson
Secretary – Jessica Eanes
Treasurer – Alice Leahy

Buena Park Initiatives

Ginko's Organic Gardens

Fulfilling our Mission

Buena Park Neighbors’ initiatives are all focused on carrying out its mission in the community: connecting people from across the neighborhood, supporting community partners, and improving the place we call home. To carry out this mission, we host events, organize neighbors to volunteer with partners, and communicate with neighbors through monthly newsletters and social media posts.

Keeping Buena Park Beautiful

Each spring and fall, Buena Park Neighbors hosts Clean & Green volunteer neighborhood clean-up events where neighbors come together to make Buena Park shine.

Partnering with the 46th Ward

Alderman James Cappleman’s office can be reached here.

Buena Park Young Professionals

Buena Park Neighbors’ Young Professionals creates opportunities for people to meet, build relationships, and engage in community service projects. BPN Young Professionals organizes events every few months, including happy hours at local bars, service events at local community organizations, and other outings.