Neighborhood News

Uptown Public Library Summer Learning Challenge

There is still time for children from birth to age 13 to join the Summer Learning Challenge and become Super Explorers at the Chicago Public Library Uptown Branch.  Children (and their adults) who meet the challenge will earn a nifty 3-D book bag and glasses and have opportunities to win other prizes. Drop in to pick up an Explorer Guide during these hours:

Mondays and Wednesdays             11:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Tuesdays and Thursdays                1:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.
Saturdays                                          10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

For more information, call or visit the Uptown Branch at 929 W. Buena Avenue (312-744-8400), or email Children’s Librarian Laura Jenkins.

Buena Park Neighbors Fall Concert in the Park is Wed., Aug. 17, 7:00 p.m.

Weather permitting, the concert features Wall of Denial which is a Stevie Ray Vaughn cover band with our former Jewel grocery manager Tom on guitar. Enjoy ice cream carts and games for children.

These restaurants have to-go meals that you can order in advance, pick up and bring to the movie. Choose from anything on the menu. Anyone ordering from the restaurants needs to order 1.5 to 2 hours in advance for their to-go orders.

PR Italian Bistro – 3908 N Sheridan Rd.,

The Reservoir – 844 W Montrose Ave., 773-275-4000

Klein’s Bakery and Cafe – 4155 North Broadway, 773) 857-0525

The Intergallactic Cafes, Inc. (Formerly Eats and Sweets) – 942 W Montrose Ave.,

Bojono’s Pizza – 4185 N Clarendon Ave.,

Reminder: dogs are not allowed in the park.

We extend a big thank-you to our generous sponsor SSA #34.

Haymarket Books to Locate at 800 W. Buena

From Alderman Cappleman’s Newsletter:

At the request of Buena Park Neighbors, Ald. Cappleman held a series of community meetings to discuss a special use zoning variance for the Center for Economic Research & Social Change (with Haymarket Books) which would allow a community center within the building located at 800 W. Buena).This location currently has a special use variance for a community center, but a new one is required for a new organization.

The residents within 250′ of this proposal voted 50 in favor and 30 not in favor for this special use variance, and the results of this vote were affirmed by an overwhelming support of residents outside the 250′ range. Ald. Cappleman supports this decision because the concerns of the neighbors regarding parking and congestion issues were adequately addressed by having parking available at both Brennemann and Disney Schools and the limited number of evening events they normally host.

This special use also helps to protect the historic nature of this home. While many viewed the politics of this organization as controversial, their community meetings would meet the very same criteria that any Chicago public library uses for allowing such events.

In addition, the value of diversity that so many residents desire is reinforced when differing political beliefs are tolerated and respected. Ald. Cappleman will work with this organization and the local neighbors to create a Good Neighbor Agreement so that the organization’s events do not put an undue hardship on the surrounding residents.

FAQs about Criminal Complaints

   Why do I need to sign complaints to have someone arrested? Whenever someone is arrested for committing a crime there must be a complainant that signs the criminal complaint. This complaint will explain what crime was committed, when and where the crime was committed and is signed by either the victim or a witness. In some cases a police officer will be the complainant, but there are cases in which the victim and/or witness needs to sign the criminal complaint in order to arrest and charge the offender.
    What if I don’t sign a complaint? In cases where a citizen is the complainant without a signed complaint the police can not make an arrest and must usually release the offender without charging.
    What if I don’t show up to court? Even after the complainant signs the criminal complaint to have the offender arrested they must appear in court. If a complainant fails to show up in court the charges against the offender will be dropped.
    What if I’m afraid to go to court? The 19th District has a group of citizen volunteers who are Court Advocates and will support victims. They will accompany victims to court that might otherwise not go because they are intimidated or fearful. In some cases an officer from the 19th District CAPS office will accompany the victim and Court Advocates.

Prevent Bike Theft, Register Your Bike

Help us deter bicycle thefts. Thieves are less likely to steal a bike that they know is registered with the police. Simply register your bicycle at the 19th District Community Policing Office at 850 West Addison St. and receive a security decal to affix to your bike. If the decal is peeled, “void” appears as a result. If the bicycle is stolen and recovered, it can be traced back and returned to the rightful owner. For more information contact the 19th District Community Policing Office at 312-744-0064or