Getting Involved with Our Committees

Buena Park Neighbors has a set of committees that you can get involved in to take a leadership role in BPN, shaping our work and helping carry that work forward. Committees are organized and overseen by particular board members. To get involved with one of the committees listed below, please email

There are 9 different committees that you can get involved in (and you can certainly be part of more than one committee)! Those 9 committees are as follows:

  • Beautification: The Beautification Committee works with the Beautification Chair to beautify the neighborhood through maintaining existing beautification projects and launching new ones.
  • Building Captains: The Building Captains work with the Building Captain Liaison to facilitate relationships between BPN and the largest buildings in the neighborhood by sharing information, planning events, and more. 
  • Communications: The Communications Committee supports the Communications Co-Chairs’ efforts to develop and execute BPN’s communications strategy through social media, newsletters, graphics, and other communications assets.
  • Events: The Events Committee supports the Events Chair’s work in crafting and executing BPN’s seminal events, ranging from community-wide events like concerts in the park to members-only dinners at local restaurants.
  • Outreach: The Outreach Committee works with the Outreach Chair to ensure that Buena Park Neighbors reflects the community it serves and grows its overall membership. 
  • Schools: The Schools Committee supports the Schools Liaison’s work in maintaining and strengthening partnerships with local schools. 
  • Small Business: The Small Business Committee advises the Small Business Liaison on BPN’s small business efforts and supports the execution of small business initiatives.
  • Young Professionals: The Young Professionals Committee works with the Young Professionals Liaison to connect young people from across the neighborhood to each other—and to Buena Park Neighbors. 
  • Volunteer: The Volunteer Committee brings together neighbors who want to be regular volunteers with Buena Park Neighbors. While it does not work with any particular board member, the Volunteer Committee serves as a base of volunteers when they are most needed.