Brennemann Wraps Up First Quarter

Brennemann School is beginning to wrap up our first quarter. Attendance is our TOP priority. We need to see our students daily. Thank you parents for your help. You have been amazing! Our attendance was the highest this week and we will continue to climb. Thank you all so much!

This past week we celebrated our wonderful principal, Dr. Singleton, for her birthday and Principal Appreciation Week! It was so great to see the students, staff, and various community members team up to make her week so special.

NEW Playground Update: We met with engineers, project managers, and an environmental specialist this week to launch the planning process for our new playground. We are so excited. CPS is investing $550,000 towards our playground project. Construction will likely happen in early April. After we finalize the scope of the project and are in the selection process for equipment, we’ll reach out to you and to students (student voice is important) to get feedback. We’ll keep you updated along the way.     

October is Bully Prevention Month. This is the final week of Bully Prevention month and students will end with an anti-bullying pledge. They will pledge to speak up with kindness, reach out with acceptance, and be a friend through inclusion. As a school, we will continue to work on inclusion and anti-bullying (Being an Upstander) throughout the school year. 

***CPS shared Quarter 2 plans about potentially reopening school for pre-k and cluster students and continuing with Remote Learning for all other K-8th Grade students. Please read the cps communication carefully and if you are a parent of a pre-k or cluster student, please complete your intent to return to in-person school by Wednesday, October 28th. Please click to view the Parent Meeting that was held on October 20th. 

Our theme this school year is: Be the Change. Our whole building including parents and community members are making such a difference. If you have any inquires or need support from the administrative team, please do not hesitate to reach out. They can be reached at the school, and via email at and/or  


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