Buena Park Neighbors Elects New Leaders

Buena Park Neighbors chose new leaders for 2021 at its Fall Community Meeting.  The new officers are Rosa Haraf, President; Asher Mayerson, Vice President; Jessica Eanes, Secretary; and Alice Leahy, Treasurer and they will serve as the leadership team for Buena Park Neighbors.

Rosa Haraf and her husband Steve moved to Buena Park four years ago.  She works as a Travel & Expense Manager for Tripp Lite Manufacturing Company and has been active with Buena Park Neighbors since coming to the neighborhood.  Rosa says, “I am extremely excited to see what the new year brings for Buena Park Neighbors, my hope is that as we emerge from quarantine, we come back stronger than ever!”

Asher Mayerson is a graduate student at the University of Chicago and has lived in Buena Park for four years.  As a member of BPN, he has led our Young Professionals Group and our Block Captains.  He recently completed work on a strategic plan for the organization that will guide our efforts and focus in the neighborhood toward great results in the years to come.

Jessica Eanes moved to Buena Park in early 2019 and joined Buena Park Neighbors last fall.  She immediately volunteered to help and has been writing press releases for the organization since.

Alice Leahy has been Treasurer of Buena Park Neighbors for 4 years.  Her steady hand managing the finances for BPN has helped grow our budget and marshall our financial resources to do even more.

Let’s all get behind this new leadership team and take Buena Park Neighbors to a new level of accomplishment and service.


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