Message from Former Buena Park Neighbors President Curt Wiley

It has been my pleasure to serve as President of Buena Park Neighbors for the last three years.  During that time, we have accomplished much, and I want to thank you for your efforts.  

I am very pleased that we have been able to increase our budget with the help of Thorek Hospital, the Cubs Foundation, Uptown United and the nearly 300 members of Buena Park Neighbors.  We have used those funds to increase our social media presence, host more events, and make contributions to key organizations in our neighborhood that are doing good work. 

Organizations like Lakeview Pantry, Pride Theatre, and Brenneman School have received contributions.  We supported a Go Fund Me effort for Lakeview Pantry earlier this year that raised $6,500 dollars for their critical efforts to provide food for those in need.

I am also pleased with our new program of Buena Park Neighbors Nights that we have held in five high rise condominiums.  These allow us to meet members and potential members in their residence, and tell them what we do.

In nearly every thing we do, our partner has been Alderman James Cappleman.  He attends our events, supports our initiatives and promotes the good work of Buena Park Neighbors whenever he can.  He has been a great friend of Buena Park Neighbors.

I am excited about the new leadership team for Buena Park Neighbors.  Our new President Rosa Harif has a passion for our neighborhood, and her leadership will lead to new initiatives that will make the organization an even more impactful neighborhood association.  Our new vice president Asher Mayerson is a rising star who has already provided a blueprint for Buena Park Neighbors with a strategic plan based on personal interviews with over 30 neighborhood residents.  Jessica Marie  Lay Eaves is the newest member of the leadership team and has jumped into working for the neighborhood.  Alice Leahy has served as Treasurer for several years and kept our finances and our accounting in order.  

I’m not going anywhere and will doing all I can to make sure this new team succeeds.  Let’s all do what we can to make Buena Park the very best living by the Lake!
Thank you,


Curt Wiley


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