Safeguard your Garages!

        The failure to close and lock the garage door often presents the most serious security problem in the home. The following are a series of recommendations for garage security:

·       Update any old and rotted garage doors;

·       The garage door should be locked at all times (even when the occupant is at home);

·       Overhead track operated doors are best secured with updated electronic door openers with rolling digital codes. They should be of the type that can be disconnected from inside the garage in the event the home is unoccupied for long periods of time.  Remove the release handle and secure the release to prevent thieves from fishing from the outside of the garage door;    

·       The side door of the garage should be a solid wood or metal core door and should have a good quality deadbolt lock on it;

·       Any windows should be reinforced and secured;

·       Homeowners should be cautioned not to leave garage door openers in vehicles parked outside, as they can be used for easy access into the garage;

·       Residential alarm systems should include the garage as well;

·       Register all bikes at and contact the CAPS office for a security decal.  Bicycles are the biggest motivating factor in garage burglaries;

·       Remember, home address numbers must be placed on all garages with alley entrances.  Critical time can be saved by emergency responders when the street address for the house is visible.

For more information contact

19th District Community Policing Office

312-744-0064 or

Twitter @ChicagoCAPS19 Facebook19th District Chicago Police Department

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