Buena Park Neighbors Grows its Social Media Presence

Buena Park Neighbors continues to have a very active presence on Facebook.  We like to think that we are the best source for neighborhood information.  Our following has grown from 1,378 to 2,617 in the last three years..  We appreciate the great work of our social media coordinator Jenny Maraccini for her efforts to inform and grow the following.

We also have  a Buena Park Neighbors Community page that currently has 1,013 members.  The community page is a more wide open discussion of issues and activities in the neighborhood.  It has grown substantially over the past few years.  Our hope is to have it be an even more dynamic forum for discussion and for posting important neighborhood information.

One other Facebook forum that we support but is indepentdent of BPN is the Buena Park Parents group that has over 300 members.  Buena Park Neighbors is very excited about this group of parents and hopes to work closely with them to keep young families in the neibhorhood.

Curt Wiley


Buena Park Neighbors

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