Get Involved with Uptown/Buena Park Mutual Aid

It is sometimes in challenging times when the best of humanity rises to the occasion. What started as a call for resources and volunteers has become a grassroots organization for supporting those who are in need. Uptown/Buena Park Mutual Aid was born by neighbors who wanted to provide resources to folks who are sick or have compromised immune systems, disabled, quarantined without income, houseless, economically disadvantaged, elderly, undocumented, queer, and/or people of color, or who have families in need.

At first, Uptown/Buena Park Mutual Aid focused on food distribution as many were unable to leave their homes due to the threat of Covid-19. When individuals sent in requests, volunteers were notified and able to provide their neighbors with the needed food items. As Uptown/Buena Park Mutual Aid grew, so did their ability to help. Since then, they have run a food drive in June, collected and made masks to distribute, helped individuals sign up for stimulus checks, provided household needs as well as health related items, and spread awareness for Black Lives Matters protests.

“If you aren’t contributing to your community, why not” Arcadia Rom-Frank, an Uptown/Buena Park Mutual Aid member, stated.

Uptown/Buena Park Mutual Aid is looking for neighbors who are interested and willing to get involved, not only in the group, but in the community. As Uptown/Buena Park Mutual Aid is entirely built on volunteers and donations, they could always use support and resources. They are looking for people who are willing to take leadership roles and have web design skills as they continue to build their effort, as well as local businesses that can offer partnerships or places to store food and resources. They are continuing to look for ways that can impact and benefit the neighborhood.

To become involved, you can reach Uptown/Buena Park Mutual Aid by calling 312-854-9215 or donating to their GoFundMe page here.

“On your own, be vocal. We need more people bringing awareness to social development,” Nadia John, an Uptown/Buena Park Mutual Aid member, stated.


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