Buena Avenue L Station

I loved the photo of the Buena Avenue L Station posted by Bobbie Driver earlier, so looked back over my notes to figure out the date of this photo that Bobbie also posted and recall its date and source (U of IL IDOT Chicago Traffic Photos archive) – it was from December, 1936 – there are other photos of Buena Park and nearby streets at this website that BP folk may enjoy browsing, but this one is particularly remarkable and haunting because of its lighting, etc. – put in search words under advanced search “Buena” AND “Sheridan” and you’ll find this and 2 other photos – or put in “Broadway” or “Pine Grove” or “Irving Park” and you’ll find some relevant to BP – http://collections.carli.illinois.edu/cdm/singleitem/collection/uic_idot/id/351/rec/3


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