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Be a Part of the Community Sparks Innovation Mural at Human Citizen Workplace!
Human Citizen Workplace (HCW) is proud to announce the recent installation of a new mural called“Community Sparks Innovation,” created by local artist Brandin Hurley. The mural is located on thesouth facing wall of HCW in full view of the high-traffic corner of Broadway and Belle Plaine, across fromMichael’s Original Pizzeria and Tavern. Thanks to a collaboration with Nick Georgelos and his group oflong-standing Buena Park businesses, the mural was produced and installed with funding from theUptown Business Partners Public Art Grant Program.
“Our desire was to add a dynamic and inspiring artistic element as a reflection of the community toemphasize the creativity, hope, opportunity, and vitality alive and well in Buena Park and Uptown,” explained Tony Mendiola, Owner and Operator of HCW. “In addition, the mural showcases Uptown’sevolving identity, ingenuity, and cultural vibrancy now and into the future”
“Another goal was to beautify the corner area for those who live and work in the neighborhood andencourage everyone to embrace the mural’s ‘hands of innovation,’ uniting local residents, businessleaders, and artists,” Mendiola added. “The mural is about and for the community, and we encourageresidents to take a selfie or photograph in front of the mural and share your personal story of localcreativity and/or innovation at We will post your stories on our HCW Facebook page @HumanCitizenWorkplace and in other local communications. We hope you enjoy themural.”

A message from the artist Brandin Hurley. There is so much inner creativity and focus that allows someone to be a successful business owner, organizational leader, freelancer, or worker from home. What enhances this kind of success is the sparkthat comes from human connection and interaction. My mural concept focuses on the positive influence of the community such as that provided by HCW and other neighborhood individuals, businesses, and organizations. The mural is rendered in a graphic, geometric style, featuring two hands reaching towards
each other. Geometric shapes burst from between the hands, a representation of creation, connectivity, and community. This represents and highlights people and their contributions as individuals, as well as the community as a whole. The manipulation of the hands and shapes are representational, and the viewer is free to project their own thoughts and experiences on this interaction. For example, viewers may see their own hands, or those of someone else who has reached out to help them. They also may see a personal inspiration or community lifeforce. The mural is rendered in vibrant colors, eye-catching from the street, that create a dynamic and creative environment for the surrounding brick wall canvas and adjacent sidewalk. The image of the hands in bright multi-colors allows everyone to feel included, invited, and represented.

Photo Credit: Irina Novok Photography-, phone: 773.837.4950

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