Chicago Public Library Uptown Branch

The library will reopen soon, although we don’t have a definite date yet.  As of Tuesday, 5/26, the bookdrop has reopened if you would like to return items.  Please, though, do not overfill the return slot!  Nearly-infinite renewals are still happening automatically and borrowing limits are being increased, so there is no need to rush items back to the library.

You may have noticed some activity in the building.  Staff have returned and we are getting the building ready for your return.  Things will be very different, though, to keep everyone as safe as possible.  Here are a few things we know now:

We will encourage you to do as much as you can remotely, and make your visits very quick.  We’ll do our part to help out.  When we reopen, we’ll welcome your phone calls (312-744-8400) and your emails  We will gladly pull books for you or print out items for you to pick up. If you give us your library card number, we’ll check your items out for you before you arrive. If you need curbside service, we’ll do our best to provide it. There will be very limited seating; we’re removing furniture to provide more space for social distancing. This also means fewer computers are available. Also:

We will have limited public hours.  Right now, we believe they will be 10:00-4:00, M-F.

We will have an occupancy limit. (We don’t yet know what it will be.)

We will expect you to wear a mask.  (We are wearing them, too, of course!)

We will expect you to honor social distancing.

We will have additional hand sanitizer stations.

We will ask that you return items in the outside bookdrop, even when we are open.

We will place all returned items in “quarantine” for 72 hours before checking them in and reshelving them.

We will not conduct any programs in the building during Phase 3.

We will be smiling at you over our masks!

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