Gold Cuts

Hello everyone. We hope everybody’s been safe.

We are letting you know that we are opening soon.

If the city allows barbershops to open on the 29th then we will open either the 29th, 30th or June 1st  by appointment only.  We have chosen June 2nd as the first day as of now that we are accepting online bookings.  If the city says that shops are not ok to open the 2nd of June and you book an appointment now, you will be contacted to reschedule.

Due to Covid-19 there will be new guidelines in place.  Everyone will be required to get their temperature taken at the door with an electric touchless thermometer.  We have the right to refuse service if one possesses any sign of sickness.  No one will be allowed to wait in the shop and for that reason we have extended booking times. 

Look forward to seeing you all,                                                                                                                                            

Gold Cuts


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