Buena Park Neighbors Nights Take Off with the Help of Alderman Cappleman

Buena Park Neighbors initiated a new program this fall with “Buena Park Neighbors Nights” at condominium complexes in the area.  Our first was at the Waterford at Gordon and Marine where 40 residents came together to

hear from Buena Park Neighbors leaders including Alex Wolking who provided a historic overview of the neighborhood and Alderman James Cappleman who updated the group of activities of the Chicago City Council and his office.  Our second Buena Parks Neighbors Night occurred at 4343 Clarendon on September 9 and again attracted a good group of residence to hear from Alderman Cappleman and Buena Parks Neighbors leaders.  Our third Buena Park Neighbors Night will occur at 4300 Marine Drive on October 7.  

Buena Park Neighbors is committed to bringing these events to any high rise that invites us in.  We commit to provide new information on our organization and activities in the neighborhood along with our Alderman.


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