Buena Park Neighbors Volunteer Opportunities

Quarterly Community Meeting Coordinator

• Set up meeting

               o Winter: Pride Theatre

               o Spring: Imperial Towers

               o Summer: Montrose Yacht Club

               o Fall: Uptown Fitness

• Develop program

• Coordinate publication for the meetings

Boo-uena Park Pumpkins

• Work with Park District and City DOT for road closures and park

• Promote event to Condo Associations on Kenmore Avenue

• Recruit volunteers

• Be onsite for the event to solve problems

Clean & Green Initiatives

• Work with the Chair to decide on sites to work on

• Help with recruiting volunteers and identifying jobs to be done

• Be onsite for work day and help coordinate volunteers and sign up

Business Outreach

• Stay in contact with business members throughout the year and identify new members

• Reach out to new businesses to be a part of BPN and gain memberships

Membership Outreach

• Develop strategies to increase membership and retain members to the organization

Newsletter Writer/Editor

• Assist with writing articles and editing articles written by others for the monthly newsletter produced by Gene Tenner.

If you are interested in getting involved, email us at general@buenaparkneighbors.org.


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