Buena Park Neighbors Completes Successful Summer Events

It was a busy summer at Buena Circle Park at the intersection of Buena and Kenmore where Buena Park Neighbors hosted two concerts and one movie this summer. The first concert featured Bumpus and its soul sound. Bumpus has been a fixture on the Chicago music scene for over a decade and brought its soul sound to Buena Circle Park on a beautiful summer night. More than 150 people attended the event and many were dancing to the tunes as the night went on. The last concert was headlined by the Concrete Roots, a Chicago based reggae band that performed both its songs and those of other reggae musicians like Bob Marley. “Captain Marvel” was the movie in the park and again attracted a crowd of over 100 for the first Marvel film featuring a woman as the superhero.

Buena Park Neighbors plans to continue movies and concerts in the park next year with an eye towards bringing them to other parts of Buena Park such as the Disney School and Thorek’s property at Irving and Sheridan. We also hope to do year around movies for kids with the help of Pride Theatre that is located at Buena and Broadway.


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