Meet Buena Park Neighbor Matt Cardoni

Matt Cardoni moved to Buena Park in 2009. He aims to raise community involvement in environmental activism. Some examples include organizing neighbors to plant trees from Open Lands in Buena Circle Park and the Clarendon Field House, organizing & promoting the Uptown Garden Walk, being an active member of the Chicago Conservation Corps, a Buena Park Neighbors’ Block Captain and the Institute of Cultural Affairs’ Chicago Sustainability Leaders’ Network.

Matt’s favorite hobby is costumes. He enjoys making them, wearing them, stockpiling them, dressing people up and photographing them. He actively engages in costume events in our community and plans to publish a book of costume art this year. If you want to know where the best costume events in the city are, ask Matt.

Matt works for himself and runs his digital marketing agency Green Lightning Marketing that helps conscious organizations increase their online visibility. He teaches and consults in digital marketing with clients like Kellogg/Northwestern University, the Center for Neighborhood Technology, University of Iowa MBA program and Ascend Training. He enjoys working from his home in Buena Park especially when the weather is nice and he can bike to the beach.

Matt earned his undergraduate degree in biomedical engineering and his MBA in marketing. Both are from the University of Iowa. These degrees gave him the structured analytical training needed to run a digital marketing business. He worked in corporate roles for 23 years before starting his own business in 2016. Matt is particularly excited to be in a community that welcomes a broadly diverse group of people who live together harmoniously.


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