Buena Park Neighbors February Membership Nights a Huge Success

Buena Park Neighbors hosted member nights at neighborhood restaurants in the past few weeks.  In addition to the 10 percent off their bill at Michaels, The Reservoir and Bar on Buena members had their first drink paid for by the neighborhood association.
According to Buena Park Secretary Rosa Haraf,”These events were designed to kick off our year with a good meal and a little something extra.  Events like this help the community to get to know each other better and hopefully help out our Buena Park businesses also. We hope 2019 is the best year ever for Buena Park Neighbors and this starts us off. Cheers!”
Members of Buena Park Neighbors get a discount every week at these restaurants.  Monday is Michaels Pizzeria night.  Tuesday is The Reservoir and Wednesday is Bar on Buena.  Get your 10 percent off and enjoy some great food.

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