About Buena Park: Lincoln Park Archery Club and Belmont Harbor

The Lincoln Park Archery Club is a semi-private organization that uses Chicago Park District land that was set aside specifically for archery. The semi-private nature allows archery experts to keep the archery range safe for all archers and park visitors. Their experience helps all archers who come out to use the range observe the rules of safe archery. The Chicago Park District and the Lincoln Park Archery Club regulations prohibit the use of hunting arrows (broadheads) and crossbows.

Throughout the year Lincoln Park Archery Club participates in tournament shoots with other Chicago Park District Archery Associations Clubs. Shooters are classified according to their shooting style and capability.

If you are interested in archery, the club invites you to come out and shoot with them. They are happy to instruct newcomers to the sport of archery and can give professional advice on purchasing equipment.

If you have any questions about archery and the Lincoln Park Archery Club, you can visit the range or contact a club member. Please contact them first to ensure that the range will be open during your intended visit. Call Robert at 773 477 4560 or email Bill at bill@archerybowrangechicago.com.

Belmont Harbor

There are 818 slips, mooring cans and star docks that can accommodate boats from 28 feet to more than 80 feet in length. Belmont Harbor is the home of several yacht clubs including Chicago Yacht Club’s Belmont Station, Belmont Yacht Club and the Chicago Match Race Center. Belmont Harbor has a harbor store and a fuel dock facility with gas and diesel fuels.

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