Brennemann Elementary School

Brennemann Elementary School is in full gear as they plan for the new school year to begin this September! The school just received new administration who have been tirelessly working to ensure a smooth transition into the 2020-2021 school year. Dr. Patrina Singleton joins us as an interim principal, who is a National Board Certified Teacher (renewed) with more than 18 years of teaching and administrative experience, she most recently served as the interim principal at Ravenswood Elementary school and prior to that she served as an assistant principal at Belding Elementary School for 7 years with great success at both schools. Dr. Singleton is an advocate and activist in this work. We are also joined by Mr. Daniel Postlethwait, who is proud and grateful to have been offered the opportunity to continue to work with Principal Singleton as Assistant Principal for Brennemann. Mr. Postlethwait has 20 years of experience in education as both a teacher and an administrator. Nearly 10 years of that time was spent living and teaching in Spain and South Korea. In his time with CPS, he has had the opportunity to grow as an ELPT, the Dual Language Coordinator and the Case Manager at Darwin Elementary. In addition, he brings mentoring experience and a trove of parent engagement expertise. The staff, parents, and students have been overwhelmingly excited to welcome them!

Some of the great things already happening at Brennemann include establishing a full Local School Council (LSC), launching Empathy Talks with teachers and parents, meeting with Kuumba Lynx to discuss a community partnership, meeting with Alderman Cappleman, teacher leaders, meeting with the PE/Fine Arts “Essentials” Team and the facilities manager to discuss the safety of the school’s playground and plans for a new playground!

The Brennemann team has also officially hired 3 new Special Education Teacher Assistants (SECAs) and a Pre-k TA. They hosted a principal’s coffee, and CPS announced preliminary plans for reopening schools, which they plan to begin working on ASAP.

If you have any inquiries or questions about the school, the administrative team welcomes any phone calls or emails. They can be reached at, and/or

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