Buena Park Neighbors Goes Viral

Buena Park Neighbors is adapting to the new reality by taking advantage of technology.  We have had two Community Meetings,  one Buena Park Neighbors Night, and a very successful Hutchison Street Virtual Tour.

We are learning.  Our first community meeting where we tried to take a zoom feed and utilize Facebook live didn’t work at the time, but we put it on our webpage and had 670 views.  Our recent summer meeting that featured Alex Wolking with some Buena Park history and Alderman James Cappleman had over 1,000 views.

The virtual Hutchison Street Tour attracted 3,500 views.  Alex Wolking did a wonderful job presenting this historic landmark, and the views showed that it was appreciated.

Our Buena Park Neighbors Night at the Pattington was a zoom meeting with twenty residents of the Pattington.  We are hoping to do several more of these events in high rise buildings in the next few months and only zoom will allow us to do so.

We miss the face-to-face meetings but are not planning for a return to that any time soon.  In the meantime, we look forward to seeing you on the screen.


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