Buena Park Neighbor of the Month: Nick Georgelos

Nick Georgelos moved to Chicago from Greece with his family when he was 10 years old. After graduating from high school he studied electronic engineering at DeVry University.  While at DeVry his brother Sam purchased GNS Foods at the corner of Broadway and Belle Plaine.  It was here that Nick began his business career that now includes ownership of Buena Park businesses: GNS Foods, Michaels Original Pizzeria, North Broadway Delicatessen and most recently Klein’s Bakery.

Why so many businesses in Buena Park?  Nick said, “Buena Park is a great location, and if I’m going to be in a neighborhood, I wanted to open up the kind of business that I would want in my own neighborhood.”

Nick is focused on the details that make a business successful. He says several years ago he spent 4 to 5 months perfecting the sauce that makes Michael’s pizza the best.  The sauce has 13 ingredients, and Nick is not about to disclose his secret.

When asked about how he can remain successful in the next ten years Nick said, “We need to be unique, to have the best sandwich, the best pizza and the best product. People are looking for quality, and we need to provide it.”

Buena Park Neighbors encourages residents of the neighborhood to “buy local” and support those businesses that have made an investment in our neighborhood. We have a wide variety of services that deliver the highest quality.  We need to make sure they thrive.

Nick Georgelos has made a major investment in Buena Park and continues to be a great neighbor.  Stop by and have the best deep dish pizza in town and say hello to Nick.


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