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Alderman James Cappleman made his stage debut at Pride on Wed., April 18 at 7:30 in THE WOMEN, a staged reading of the classic black and white film. The event is a fund-raiser to send Pride Films and Plays to the International Gay Theatre Fest of Dublin with our production of HIS GREATNESS, about the last days of Tennessee Williams. It is always exciting to exchange information with artists from around the world who share our mission, and we look forward to singing the praises of our new Buena Park/Uptown home. There will also be a farewell performance of HIS GREATNESS on Monday, May 7 at Stage 773. Get tickets here. (Photo of his greatness features Danne W. Taylor as Tennessee Williams and Whitman Jonson

Pride Films and Plays also presents a new musical comedy FLIES! The Musical! In a twisted mash-up of WAITING FOR GUFFMAN and GLEE, FLIES! THE MUSICAL! follows the drama kids from Lovely Valley Performing Arts Magnet High School. The students are left behind in an abandoned forest preserve during a “research” retreat for an unauthorized teacher-written musical production of LORD OF THE FLIES. Gradually, things turn savage in a couple of unsupervised hours as the plot points of the novel begin to come true one by one, in song, until eventually the kids are “rescued” by an astonished park ranger (who happens to love musicals) but it’s much too late for them to go back to who they were before. Get tickets here.

And as usual, check for films, cabaret with Melissa Young, and much much more!

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