Curt Wiley Is the Vice President of Buena Park Neighbors

Curt Wiley is the vice president of Buena Park Neighbors. His primary objective is to increase the membership of the organization so that Buena Park Neighbors can do even more to impact the quality of live in our neighborhood. Click here for Curt’s full biography.
He and his wife Prisicilla Fossum moved to Buena Park three years ago after a career in politics and government; the most recent of which was as an appointee in the Obama Administration. They  chose Buena Park because of its proximity to the Lake, the Marovitz Golf Course and the dynamic qualities of Buena Park.  “We wanted a real neighborhood in a city that we both love that is filled with interesting places and people,” said Curt.
Curt also sees the neighborhood as a great place for retirees. “Priscilla and i love the convenience of walking for food, groceries, doctors, exercise and cultural events,” added Curt. “Even though we are a short bus ride from downtown, Buena Park has almost all that we need to enjoy all that we want”
Curt hopes Buena Park Neighbors can grow to over 300 members in 2018.  “We’re the best deal in town”, he said confidently in speaking about the $20 individual membership and $30 family membership that BPN offers.  “We will show you places in the neighborhood you will not see normally, and you will meet some great people who can be friends as well as great networking contacts. And, if you want to do something for your community, we have many opportunities to volunteer your time for meaningful projects.”
Wiley is excited for the future of Buena Park, and he believes BPN can be a major factor in making sure that it is the best neighborhood in the City.

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