Buena Park Neighbors 2018 Plan

Mission: To Improve the quality of life for everyone in Buena Park

“We are dedicated to the beautification and preservation of
one of Chicago’s most historic and diverse neighborhoods.”

Committee Missions and Activities

Executive Committee
Serves as the governing body and provides oversight for all activities.
Activities – Hold meetings every other month and make all decisions on zoning related issues. Meet regularly and be forward thinking.

Finance Committee
Track income and expenditures carry out fundraising efforts on behalf of BPN.
Activities – Raise funds to pay for BPN initiatives. Maintain all accounting and budgeting functions.

Membership Committee
Lead efforts to retain and increase memberships in BPN.
Activities – Conduct membership outreach to retain existing members and recruit new members by providing value for being a member of BPN.

Publicize and promote all events and activities. Monitor police activity and communicate as needed. Set policy for social media and monitor activity.
Activities – Produce monthly newsletter and also promotional material for all events. Utilize social media to its fullest to promote the neighborhood and activities that BPN is involved in.

Coordinate and manage all major events for BPN and advise committees on execution of small events.
Activities – Lead four events in the park including two movies, one concert and one children’s event. Also, monitor and advise Halloween and Bunny events. Support new wine walk with the existing business committee. Host BPN Community Meetings.

Block Captains
Maintain a block based volunteer network to assist BPN in raising awareness on key issues in the neighborhood and assist in recruiting volunteers for projects.
Activities – Complete recruitment of block captains for all of BPN and coordinate participation of block captains in other BPN activities

Young Professionals
Create a group of young professionals within BPN to promote networking and community service.
Activities – Host networking events for members to get to know each other and do community service projects that members can participate in

Green Team
Implement green space and environmental projects that serve as a builder of cohesiveness in BPN.
Activities – Conduct Spring and Fall work days on key projects in Buena Park. Identify other opportunities for members to support community greening and community art projects benefitting the neighborhood.

Existing Business
Work with existing Buena Park businesses to help them succeed and prosper.
Activities – Create an event promoting existing business, such as the wine walk, to highlight existing business. Secure business memberships for BPN. Work with Membership Committee to develop incentives for BPN members to support local business

Planning and Development Committee
Lead BPN effort to set a long-term development plan for the neighborhood and recruit businesses that fit the needs of our area.
Activities – Host developers meeting and work with key realtors on ongoing efforts to bring new businesses to BPN.

Philanthropic Efforts
Identify and promote area services, such as Lakeview Pantry, that provide food or social services to area residents.
Activities – Recruit volunteers and encourage financial support for Lakeview Pantry. Identify other opportunities for community philanthropy including support of Brenneman Elementary School.

2018 Results Checklist

Executive Committee – Host six meetings to plan and approve all activities. Regularly update plan to reflect actions and objectives of BPN.

Finance – Raise at least $10,000 from all sources with a target of large contributions from Thorek Hospital, Cubs, the Uptown Special Assessments District, and other businesses.

Membership – Grow membership to 300 individual/family members.

Communications – Prepare and distribute 12 newsletters, promote/publicize all BPN events, and monitor social media and make changes as necessary to schedule and content of messages. Continue rapid response communication initiative to alert neighbors of police activity.

Block Captains – Build the number of block captains to at least 25 members assigned geographic area. Also, identify BPN contacts in condos where possible. Monitor performance/participation of each block captain to insure common standard of performance.

Young Professionals – Host bimonthly networking events and four community service projects.

Events – Host 4 BPN Community Meetings, 4 events in the park, and support Halloween and Bunny events. Monitor total participation in each event and insure a record of attendance exists. Prepare gift baskets for select events.

Green – Conduct at least two workdays with more visibility and impact than ever before. Promote other greening and environmental efforts including the Chicago Park District’s Montrose Harbor Sanctuary and Dunes programs.

Existing Business – Conduct the 1 st Buena Park Wine Tour in April, 2018 to promote local business. Sell 50 tickets. Also, work with Membership Committee to implement incentive program for members to use buy from local businesses.

Development and New Business – Using survey results, consult with real estate professionals to create a detailed plan on how to recruit the desired businesses to the neighborhood. Recruit 2 new businesses to Buena Park.

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