Safeguard your Garages!

        The failure to close and lock the garage door often presents the most serious security problem in the home. The following are a series of recommendations for garage security: ·       Update any old and rotted garage doors; ·       The garage door should be locked at all times (even when the occupant is at home); … Continue reading Safeguard your Garages!

Buena Park Neighbors Grows its Social Media Presence

Buena Park Neighbors continues to have a very active presence on Facebook.  We like to think that we are the best source for neighborhood information.  Our following has grown from 1,378 to 2,617 in the last three years..  We appreciate the great work of our social media coordinator Jenny Maraccini for her efforts to inform … Continue reading Buena Park Neighbors Grows its Social Media Presence

Buena Park Day Out and Art Weekend

Join us for a weekend of safe, socially distanced, and family friendly fun! Friday, July 31 – Sunday, August 2Uptown Art Weekend This FREE event features new works of art going up on walls around the neighborhood, art exhibits being hosted by local businesses, live paintings, and interactive art activities for all ages.  You can use the interactive event map to … Continue reading Buena Park Day Out and Art Weekend

4300 Marine Drive Residents Pitch In

The 4300 N. Marine Drive Condo residents recently made more contributions to first responders in the neighborhood. For the third consecutive month the association members and residents collected funds to buy meals for staff at Weiss Hospital. The fund raised enough money to feed 50 workers at the hospital by purchasing meals at the Reservoir … Continue reading 4300 Marine Drive Residents Pitch In

Brennemann Elementary School

Brennemann Elementary School is in full gear as they plan for the new school year to begin this September! The school just received new administration who have been tirelessly working to ensure a smooth transition into the 2020-2021 school year. Dr. Patrina Singleton joins us as an interim principal, who is a National Board Certified Teacher … Continue reading Brennemann Elementary School