Estelle Chandler

Over the weekend of Sept. 14 Estelle Chandler died at home and leaves a rich legacy behind in Buena Park.

For three years Estelle was the Events Director of Buena Park Neighbors and made an indelible impact. Her endless creativity and drive elevated events in Buena Park. Under her watch we added Movies in the Park, snacks and drinks after most community meetings and a general flair and sense of hospitality at all of our events. One of Estelle’s initiatives was to assemble contributions from local merchants which she would assemble into creative and beautiful baskets to auction off and benefit Buena Park Neighbors.

Estelle felt a particular connection to Buena Circle Park. Two years ago when we lost most of the trees due to disease she partnered with Matt Cardoni and Open Lands to get new trees planted.  She also came up with the idea of a tree naming contest. Those trees now flourish in that park. The next time you are in the park, please take a minute to enjoy those trees, stop by and look at their name plates, think of Estelle and thank her for all she did for our neighborhood.


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