Klein’s Bakery Named Buena Park Business of the Year

Klein’s Bakery has been named by Buena Park Neighbors as the Buena Park Business of the year.  The two-year-old business at the corner of Buena and Broadway is owned by Jessica and Sergio Klein who emigrated to the United States from Venezuela only four years ago. Click here for the full article.

Klein’s specializes in cakes and bakery goods and as some “great coffee.”  It is also the only bakery in Chicago that specializes on Venezuelan baked goods.  On a recent morning we found Jessica busy wrapping some Venezuelan bread for the holidays.

In Venezuela Sergio Klein was a doctor and Jessica a dentist.  Sergio is nearing certification for his license in the United States.  He and Jessica and Jessica’s sister Dayana have spent their energy making Klein’s Bakery the thriving business that it is.

How did they decide to open up a bakery in Buena Park?

After arriving in Buena Park Jessica made it known that she could make ornate cakes.  This was a skill that she learned while working at her grandmother’s bakery in Venezuela.  Buena Park businessman Nick Georgelos took notice of the cakes and encouraged her. He later invested along with the Klein’s in the new bakery.

Jessica says, “I wanted to bring Venezuelan food and flavors to my bakery in Buena Park and also other quality baked goods.”

The Klein’s have lived in Buena Park since their arrival and she said, “We love the neighborhood both to live and work.  This neighborhood is like a family to us.”

We salute Klein’s Bakery as the Buena Park Business of the Year and hope that everyone in the neighborhood will support its continued growth and high quality service.


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