Christine Kandaras to Be Buena Park Historian

Buena Park Neighbors is pleased to announce that long time resident Christine Kandaras has agreed to be the Buena Park Historian. In that role, Christine will work with a team to chronicle our neighborhood history and key events that shaped it. It will build on the work that Buena Park Neighbors has done over the years with the Hutchison Street Historic Tours.

Christine and her husband, Ken Kandaras, have been active in Buena Park and Uptown since they returned to Ken’s boyhood home on Junior Terrace nine years ago. Ken’s family has been in the neighborhood since the 1960’s. She believes the history and the architecture impact how people live and feel. She volunteers with Chicago Greeters and gives regular tours of the entertainment district of Uptown as well as downtown and neighborhood tours to people who sign up.

In the month’s ahead, Christine will write articles for the newsletter and provide bits of history for our Facebook followers. We’ll find out more about how Buena Park got its name and how it became the neighborhood that it is today. Stay tuned and thank you Christine for taking on this new responsibility.


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  1. FYI: I grew up at 703 Junior Terrace in the 50s-60s, then we moved to 712 Buena, which we recently sold. (Typo “Hutchison.”)

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