Meet Buena Park Neighbor Jenny Maraccini

Jenny Maraccini is the Buena Park Neighbors Social Media Director. She is the voice behind our Facebook & Instagram accounts and keeps our website up to date.
Jenny is originally from Iowa but has lived in Chicago for 10 years now. She and her husband moved to Buena Park in 2011 and have been here ever since. When looking for a bigger condo a few years ago they decided to stay in the neighborhood they had grown to love. They chose this neighborhood for its proximity to the lake and its quiet, residential feel. Jenny loves how the community in Buena Park makes you forget you live in such a big city. It almost feels like a small town within Chicago.
Jenny has worked in the interior design and architecture industry for 10 years as a marketing manager. She now works from home as a freelance marketing and social media manager. While most of her clients are in the design industry she also works with a handful of local businesses right here in Buena Park including IRPINO Real Estate and Thorek Memorial Hospital.
When she is not posting photos of our charming neighborhood on Facebook Jenny keeps herself busy with her new baby boy. They love going on walks through Buena Park together every day; give them a wave if you see them.

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