Chicago Market Letter of Support

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing in enthusiastic support of Chicago Market's plan to open a full-

service, community-owned cooperative grocery store on the North Side of

Chicago/in Uptown at the Wilson Red Line Stop on the CTA (the "Gerber

Building").  As an active community resident and member of (GROUP NAME) in

Uptown, I fully support Chicago Market's mission and vision. Having this local,

sustainable food co-op in our neighborhood will provide a tremendous benefit to

Uptown residents.

I believe the store's cooperative business model and promotion of local foods

support better health, a cleaner environment, and a sustainable local economy. I

believe Chicago Market will connect consumers with their food production in a

way that benefits both the community and our local economy.

Chicago Market will add dozens of jobs in Uptown. It will host educational

classes and workshops. It will be a vibrant community hub and a perfect match

for this revitalized building.

Chicago Market’s mission is to provide as much of the breadth, depth and variety

of Midwest food as is produced by the region's diverse farmers and local food

producers.  It will provide farm-to- table transparency; educate the community;

and support sustainability and integrity in all areas, including environmental

stewardship, fair labor practices and cooperative principles.  As it accomplishes

its mission, Chicago Market's success will mirror Uptown's rebirth.

I fully support Chicago Market and I believe it will infuse Uptown with a much-

needed economic boost, as well as adding richness and depth to our





Block Club/Community Group:_____________________



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