All the questions and answers come directly from Smart Love Solutions in Early Childhood-A Handbook for Parents, Teachers and Caregivers by Drs. Martha Heineman Pieper and William J. Pieper.

Q: How can I get my son to wear a costume?

My 3-year-old is really looking forward to Halloween, but he says he won’t wear a costume.  He insists that he doesn’t want to “turn into someone else.”  I have suggested costumes of his favorite TV characters, such as Elmo, but he absolutely refuses.

His school has a Halloween parade, and trick-or-treating is very big in our neighborhood.  I am afraid he will be teased for not having a costume and that some people will refuse to give him treats.   This sounds like a small thing, but Halloween is really important to him.  I worry that it will be a disaster.  Any suggestions on getting him into a costume?

A: This is not an uncommon fear among the 3-and-under set.  Many children that age are afraid of what wearing a costume might do to them.  There is no point in trying to reason or argue, because your son will outgrow his fear-probably by next Halloween.  Rather, slip under his radar.  Suggest that he go as himself, put a costume on the dog if you have one, or dress up yourself.

If any part of the family is in costume, there should be no problem with trick-or-treating.  For the school parade, perhaps you can outfit a broom with a ghost costume so that he can bring the “costume” separately.  If you let your creative juices flow, we are sure Halloween will be fun rather than frightening.

Buena Park Neighbors will hold its fall Clean and Green on Saturday, October 11 at 10:00 a.m. at Dollop Coffee and Tea at 4181 N. Clarendon Avenue, which is on the northeast corner of Clarendon Avenue and Gordon Terrace.

Come out and join us for an hour or two of picking up and making our neighborhood nicer. This is a great way to meet neighbors and spend a fall morning.

October 31 Time: 6:00pm – 8:30pm

Buena Park Neighbors hosts this event every year, and it has become a great tradition.

Buena Circle Park, 1049 W. Buena, becomes operation central and from there trick or treaters head north and south on Kenmore, delightfully gathering goodies from equally delighted residents who welcome the little costumed darlings into their appropriately decorated yards. Please pass on information to your neighbors and friends. It is going to be a wonderfully spooky night in Buena Park filled with laughter, treats and little goblins.

George Ferak Award

Calling all yards – Get creative this year and get in the running to win the coveted George Ferak award for best decorations on the block. The Award comes with a special spooky prize so get planning!!!

Children in halloween costumesBecome a Safe House

Help us make it the best one ever!!
Contact us Today to be a Safety Monitor Volunteer or to be marked as a Safe House for our little local ghouls and goblins to trick or treat!

Together with your support, Buena Park Neighbors can provide a fun, safe, family environment for children to celebrate Halloween.

Candy Drive

Can’t be a safe house but want to help!! Candy collected will be distributed to participating homes to help with costs of the  event. Starting October 9th at the following locations: Thorek Hospital, Dollop Cafe, World Gym and Alderman Cappleman’s Office.


Bring your entry to the Buena Circle Pumpkin Graveyard on Halloween night where it will be on display.  A panel of expert judges will pick the winner who will receive a special treat plus a lot of notoriety.  So get going, we want to see what you’ve got. The winner will be announced at 8pm.

Ghost Stories and Spooky Crafts

New Programming!!

Have your little ones come and listen to  some of our scariest Halloween stories and make spooky treats. Readings and crafts tables will be starting at 7pm in the Pumpkin Grave Yard.


SPECIAL Thanks to our SPONSORS!!

European & US Car Service, Uptown United, Lois Scheurer Real Estate, reside, Thorek Hospital and the Chicago Park District.

Email us today with any questions: halloween@180promotions.com

General meeting

General meeting

We had a great turnout last night. 60 people attended the meeting at Brennemann School and heard from Alderman Cappleman and Bill Petty about the Medical Marijuana Dispensary proposed to go in the building formerly known as Nick’s Uptown.

We will have a fuller report on the meeting in the October newsletter,but for now we want to let everyone know the result of the Medical Marijuana Dispensary proposal. Basically there is none. The people from Advance Herbal Alternatives, who were scheduled to give a presentation, didn’t show up. We also found out that Thorek has not signed a letter of intent with them, nor have they verbally agreed to lease any space to them. At the end of the meeting it was decided that the issue was essentially dead and if it resurfaces, Buena Park Neighbors will send out a notification.

In case you are interested, Sarah Feigneholtz’s office has kindly provided the links below for those of you who would like to read the Bill that authorizes Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Illinois.

We just found out that at Monday’s BPN General Meeting,  Alderman Cappleman will be proposing the establishment of a Medical Marijuana Dispensary where Nick’s Uptown used to be.  This is the building with the Egyptian facade next to the Howard Brown Center just north of Irving Park on Sheridan.  Thorek Hospital owns the building and has agreed to lease it to Advanced Herbal Alternatives for this purpose.  In order for the dispensary to be approved, the city will require a zoning variance.  Residents of Buena Park have the right to vote in favor or against this type of zoning variance.

Due to the short notice, we plan on Monday as an informational session to be followed by another meeting in the week of the 28th that will be devoted solely to this issue including a vote.

We want to know what you think so feel free to email us at Buena Park Neighbors with your comments and concerns.

We have received the following from Jon Erickson who is a principle at Advanced Herbal Alternatives:

Advanced Herbal Alternatives, LLC is a corporation formed to participate in three-year Illinois Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program (“MCPP”) as a medical cannabis dispensary. Advanced Herbal Alternatives is comprised of four principal officers/investors, Dr. Ali Rafi, Michael D. Oppenheimer, Jaimie Lawler and Jon Erickson. Advanced Herbal Alternatives is fully funding, well beyond the mandatory minimum of $400,000.00 required by the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation.

The central mission for the dispensary is to provide the best medical care for qualified Illinois patients with debilitating conditions such as HIV/AIDS and cancer, but is also committed to the goal of funding education, clinical and behavioral research, and substance abuse prevention, education, and care.

Advanced Herbal Alternatives assures both the State of Illinois and Buena Park Community that the issuance of a dispensary registration authorization by the Department will not have a detrimental impact on the community.

Advanced Herbal Alternatives has received a letter of intent from Thorek Hospital to lease space at 4015 N. Sheridan. Advanced Herbal Alternatives is dedicated to the preservation, maintenance and integrity of the landmark structure and facade of the building (formerly known as Nick’s Uptown).

The proposed location for the dispensary is suitable for public access; the layout will promote safe dispensing of medical cannabis and the location is sufficient in terms of size, lighting, parking, handicapped accessible parking spaces, ADA-accessible entry and exits, product handling, and storage.

Advanced Herbal Alternatives intrinsically understands that security is of paramount importance. We are keenly aware of the added security challenges that a business of this nature faces, and we have taken extensive measures to have professionally-vetted policies, procedures, and systems in place to provide comprehensive protection, not only for our physical plant and inventory, but also for our employees, patients and neighbors. Our security will meet or exceed the requirements the Department has set forth. We understand that any changes to this security plan must be submitted to the Department of Financial and Professional Regulation for approval.

Our Security Plan incorporates five components: Facility Security, Security and Surveillance, Operations Security, Product Security, and Shipping/Transportation Security Measures. The preventive measures adopted in these components will protect the public, our patients, and our staff. We also are confident that should there be any breach of security, our comprehensive response capabilities will ensure the incident is quickly detected, contained, and resolved at the appropriate response level. Full communication and follow-up reporting with applicable state and local law enforcement agencies will also be a standard operating procedure.
Advanced Herbal Alternatives has committed to donating a percentage of its revenue to the Howard Brown Health Clinics (“HBHC”) and the AIDS Foundation of Chicago (“AFC”) for the entirety of the pilot program. As a not-for-profit community health center, HBHC provides primary and behavioral healthcare, education, and social services to under-served communities in Chicago and beyond, with a special focus on the LGBT community and on the prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS and other chronic conditions.

AFC coordinates case management and housing services for people with HIV in the Chicago metro area, and advocates for improved prevention and HIV care services for people with HIV in Illinois and across the nation and globe.

As a not-for-profit organizations, HBHC and AFC rely significantly upon charitable donations to provide these services. The proposed donations from Advanced Herbal Alternatives to both HBHC and AFC will help both HBHC and AFC continue to achieve its mission-driven objectives of serving low income, uninsured, and medically complex patients.

Advanced Herbal Alternatives has a strong commitment to the general welfare of our employees, community, and officers. Our goal is to create a safe environment in which we operate our dispensary. We recognize the importance of and need for complying with the applicable provisions of all codes, ordinances, regulations and laws in order to maintain a safe working environment. The proposed dispensary will be located in an existing building owned by Thorek Hospital.

Consistent with our commitment to keep our employees safe, the features of this building will be analyzed and upgraded as necessary to stay up to current code requirements in order to maintain the necessary level of safety and protection consistent with its intended use.  Any new internal construction, alteration and reconstruction will be designed in compliance with current applicable building, fire, and electrical, mechanical, and plumbing codes. The design will incorporate the latest energy-efficient technologies, conserve energy, select the most environmentally friendly materials, and lessen our carbon footprint.

There are parking spaces, including handicapped spaces, provided at the rear of the dispensary lot for patients. The surface of the existing asphalt concrete pavement will be steam cleaned. The parking stalls will be marked with 4-inch wide white stripes. On-site parking will be provided for employees.  All the parking spaces will be striped with white lines. In addition, parking lot lighting will be provided as necessary. The existing paved area will be repaired as necessary. The design of the parking lot will conform to ADA standards.

No new sewer laterals will be required for the dispensary.

No new storm drainage facilities are required for the dispensary.

Advanced Herbal Alternatives proposes to construct and operate its dispensary in one existing building that will be remodeled in compliance with all applicable provisions of the latest editions of the building, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire codes.

As a licensed dispensing organization of the state, Advanced Herbal Alternatives takes the responsibility of maintaining accurate records of inventory quite seriously. The pilot program for medical cannabis can only be successful if our organization maintains strict control over all inventory in our possession so as to prevent any potential for theft or diversion.

Our inventory tracking software allows for full accounting of all cannabis contained within the dispensary in real-time. The inventory is recorded once it is received at our facility and entered into our electronic system with a barcode. When licensed, qualifying patients make a purchase, the tracking system deducts that quantity from our inventory.  All of these records are maintained electronically, backed-up on our internal file servers with additional back-up to a cloud based server. The inventory tracking system is fully auditable and can produce reports on facility inventory, and individual qualifying patient purchases. Our organization will conduct weekly inventory reports for internal records, hard copies of which will be maintained on site for a period of six years. At any time, state regulators and law enforcement can request records relating to inventory within our facility.

We will immediately produce all requested documentation to these individuals.

Advanced Herbal Alternatives is committed to fulfilling all the requirements in Illinois law and state regulation relating the audits for its dispensing organization. Audited information includes regular reporting on inventory and purchases made by qualifying patients. Audits will also be conducted on financial records in conjunction with an outside certified public accountant.

Inventory audits are an ongoing part of our operating procedures. As stated above, we are intimately aware of the potential for theft or diversion of cannabis outside of the patient realm. Through strong internal controls, enhanced security measures, and regular audits, we anticipate that the potential for theft or diversion will be low. Our inventory audits will be conducted by inventory team members and overseen by our Agent in Charge.

The audits will include a full weekly accounting of all medicine contained within the dispensing organization. These audits will be compared with the records maintained within our electronic inventory control system. Any discrepancies from the audit will be documented and immediately reported to regulators within the Department and Illinois State Police. Copies of the audits will be maintained on site for a period of six years and available for inspection and review by state regulators at any time.

With the leadership of our Security Consultant, we are developing a state-of the-art plan that takes advantage of the security industry’s best practices and most up-to-date technology, ensuring that our dispensary facility operates at the highest level of security preparedness.

We have reached out to local law enforcement officials in our area of application to enlist their input and cooperation in the development of our security procedures.  The goal is for our plan to meet or exceed current standards for policing and securing this type of facility.

Buena Park Neighbors General Meeting
Monday, September 22nd
7 pm
Brennemann School, 4251 N. Clarendon

Buena Park Neighbors will be holding its Annual Meeting and election of officers on September 22nd at 7 pm at Brennemann School located at 4251 N. Clarendon.

Scheduled speakers are: Alderman James Cappleman, President of Buena Park Neighbors Bill Petty,  Lowell Thompson, artist and creator of Portrait of Buena Park, and a representative from Chicago Market Co-op.

Besides the speakers and the unveiling of the Portrait of Buena Park, we will be offering a wonderful new book, by our very own Gene Tenner, about Buena Park with many photographs and interesting historical facts about our wonderful neighborhood. Finally, we will be electing our officers for 2015. This is an important election that sets in place the leadership for 2015. We encourage all Buena Park residents to attend.

Buena Park Annual Meeting
Monday, September 22nd
7 pm

  • Alderman James Cappleman
  • Unveiling of Portrait of Buena Park with Lowell Thompson
  • President Bill Petty’s annual report
  • Update on Chicago Market Co-op

The picture taking phase of Portrait of Buena Park is now complete.  Artist Lowell Thompson has put the pieces together for a poster and it will be on display at the Buena Park annual meeting scheduled for Monday, September 22nd, 7 pm at Brennemann School 4251 N. Clarendon.

Below is a thumbnail of what we have so far.  Your comments are important in helping us refine this unique portrait of Buena Park. Make sure to come to our September 22nd meeting to see this original face to face.

Buena Park Portrait on display September 22nd
Come and tell us what you think

Portrait of Buena Park

Portrait of Buena Park


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