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7 Reasons Why the Buena Park Neighbors Improves Your Quality of Life

  1. Enjoy free concerts at Buena Circle Park with music, food and fun in both the Spring and Fall. Meet great people from diverse backgrounds who all share a love of “Good Living by the Lake.”
  1. Stay informed and feel safe with news, information and upcoming events with monthly e-newsletters. Safety alerts are sent by email, and monthly public safety meetings are an opportunity to meet with local police and discuss problems and solutions.
  1. Celebrate the holidays with our annual December Holiday Party and safe trick-or-treating with neighbors at Buena Pumpkins, our annual event along Kenmore.
  1. Give back via Buena Bunnies, our annual Easter basket drive for underprivileged neighborhood children at St. Mary of the Lake Church.
  1. Help beautify and maintain the neighborhood with Clean and Green events in the Spring and the Fall that bring neighbors together to clean up and beautify the neighborhood.
  1. Influence neighborhood development and learn about initiatives through quarterly general meetings that feature local and state politicians and local businesses.
  1. Enjoy more restaurants and business services brought to Buena Park through our economic development efforts.

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Safeguard your Residence

Most Burglaries and Thefts are Crimes of Opportunity

AS RESIDENTS, you are the most important person in deterring crime. Burglars and thieves are lazy by nature and look for easy targets. They seek out homes and apartments that appear to offer the least resistance. Don’t let your home be one of them.

BASIC SECURITY precautions can significantly reduce these crimes. A dark house, an unlocked door, an open window or garage are all opportunities for burglars. With a few simple precautions you can make your home less attractive to a burglar or thief. You can also call the 19th District Community Policing Office for a security assessment of your home.

Inexpensive prevention….

1. Lock all doors and windows.

2. Stop all deliveries when going out of town.

3. Play your radio or television when out of the home.

4. Maintain a liaison with your neighbors when away for an extended time.

5. Be aware of suspicious persons in your neighborhood and call the police.

6. Sliding doors should be secured with lengths of metal or wood inside the track.

7. Do not advertise your habits or impending events such as vacations on social media.

8. Make sure any safe in the residence is secured properly so the burglar doesn’t walk off with it.

9. Keep all shades and curtains closed at night.

10. Keep valuables such as bicycles and delivered packages off the porch and out of sight.

11. If your residence is equipped with an alarm, ARM IT!

For more information contact the 19th District Community Policing Office at 312-744-0064or

New Bean on Uptown’s “Avenue of the Bean”

Emerald City Coffeehouse recently expanded from its original location alongside the entrance to the Sheridan Road “L” Stop to a second store at 1224 West Wilson which is a luxuriously large space that was left vacant when the Magnolia Restaurant closed in 2015. The new space with its low-key lighting, eclectic décor and friendly and helpful baristas is a genuine throwback to congenial coffeehouses of yore in ultra-hip communities such as Greenwich Village, North Beach in the San Francisco Bay Area and Boston/Cambridge.

Atmosphere conducive to study, quiet conversation, performance, creativity and first dates is essential for a coffeehouse to thrive, and Emerald City has it all under the good-natured guidance of owner Brian Osborne. He is a Texas-transplant who has been in the coffee-serving business since 2001. He went to work for Emerald City in 2006, and in 2014 he bought the place. His idea was always for a community center, and with his expansion to 2,000-square-feet that is exactly what he is doing. The schedule of cultural events is what makes his operation unique among a cluster of decent coffee shops on Wilson Avenue.

Every Thursday is Open Mike from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. at Emerald City which is an evening for comedy and other arts. The third Friday of the month is a Variety Show from 8:00 to- 10:00 p.m. which features poetry, story-telling and recently a tap dancer. The fourth Friday is reserved for “Loose Chicks Chicago’’ from 8:00 to- 10:00 p.m. which is story-telling by courageous women. The second Wednesday is Board Game Night from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. Trivia Night begins March 10. Recent spontaneous music events include performance by a Haitian band and on another occasion a piano recital. Plans are underway for a bi-monthly chess tournament. Brian is currently discussing with Chicago comic Kellye Howard for a regular evening each month just for her. There is no admission or cover charge for Emerald City events, and patrons are encouraged to bring their own wine.

Emerald City’s coffee is smooth, rich and robust, and is available in medium- or dark-roast. There’s a lineup of the usual concoctions that we expect at coffee palaces plus several new inventions such as a “Monk’s Eye” which is coffee with steamed milk and a float of double espresso. Many items are made in-house: muffins, coffee cakes, scones, sandwiches like chicken bacon; caprese; veggie melt; chicken pesto; classic BLT and grilled cheese. Breakfast egg tacos ($2.26) are portable, healthy and the best bargain in town. They also have a frequent-customer punch card program; the eighth beverage is free.

They are open weekdays from 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., weekends 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Hours are extended for events. Contact Emerald City by phone at  773-944-0227 or visit their website at EmeraldCityChicago.Com.

– Walter Vatter, BPN Cub Reporter

Pride Theater – Priscilla: Queen of the Desert Extended, Coming Soon: For The Love Of

PRISCILLA: Queen of the Desert EXTENDED!

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Priscilla, Queen of the Desert the Musical is the heartwarming, uplifting adventure of three friends, Tick, Bernadette and Adam, a glamorous Sydney-based performing trio who agree to take their show to the middle of the Australian outback. They hop aboard a battered old bus (nicknamed Priscilla) searching for love and friendship and end up finding more than they ever could have ever dreamed of.

With a dazzling array of John Nasca costumes and a hit parade of dance floor favorites including “It’s Raining Men,” “I Will Survive,” Hot Stuff,” “Go West,” “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun,” and “I Love the Nightlife,” this wildly funny and touching musical is a journey to the heart of FABULOUS!

Based on the smash-hit movie of the same name, Priscilla, Queen of the Desert enjoyed a 16-month run on Broadway.

The performance is at The Broadway, part of the Pride Arts Center, at 4139 N Broadway.

Honey West, Jordan Phelps, and Luke Meierdiercks lead a cast of 16 all-stars, and Music Director Robert Ollis will lead a band of 5! David Zak and Derek Van Barham co-direct, with choreography by Jon Martinez.


Regular performances are on Thursday, Friday, Saturday at 7:30

and Sunday at 3:30 to March 12. There are Wednesday performances on February 1, 8, and 15.

10% of our seats are $10 access tickets for actors, students artists, seniors and others who cannot afford the general admission price. Reserved center seat tickets are $40 and site seat general admission tickets are $30.

Purchase tickets HERE!

COMING SOON!!!  For The Love Of  – Press Opening March 20th

When Joy, a driftless young woman, gets on the Brooklyn Scallywags and meets the star, Lizzie Lightning, she and her long-term partner Michelle find their lives turned upside down. For the Love Of asks how much you’re willing to sacrifice – or lose – in order to follow your heart.

This world premiere play by Gina Femia, a Brooklyn born and based playwright whose work has been presented in more than 30 festivals locally, nationally and internationally, will open March 16under the direction of Rachel Edwards Harvith. Press opening is March 20, 2017.

Pride Films and Plays Artistic Director Nelson Rodriguez says, “In an era when women’s rights and autonomy are threatened, I am thrilled for PFP to present For the Love Of. Femia’s superb writing, diverse all-female cast of characters, and representation of contemporary queer women is anchored by Joy’s journey of realizing she has the authority, confidence, and passion to find fulfillment in herself. This play is one hell of ride in which we see that love and roller derby are both contact sports.”

FAQs about Criminal Complaints

Why do I need to sign complaints to have someone arrested? Whenever someone is arrested for committing a crime there must be a complainant that signs the criminal complaint. This complaint will explain what crime was committed, when and where the crime was committed and is signed by either the victim or a witness. In some cases a police officer will be the complainant, but there are cases in which the victim and/or witness needs to sign the criminal complaint in order to arrest and charge the offender.
    What if I don’t sign a complaint? In cases where a citizen is the complainant without a signed complaint the police can not make an arrest and must usually release the offender without charging.
    What if I don’t show up to court? Even after the complainant signs the criminal complaint to have the offender arrested they must appear in court. If a complainant fails to show up in court the charges against the offender will be dropped.
    What if I’m afraid to go to court? The 19th District has a group of citizen volunteers who are Court Advocates and will support victims. They will accompany victims to court that might otherwise not go because they are intimidated or fearful. In some cases an officer from the 19th District CAPS office will accompany the victim and Court Advocates.