Block Captains

The Block Captain Program brings together a diverse group of community leaders to advance the mission of Buena Park Neighbors. Launched in late 2017, the program was recently featured in Uptown Update.

The purpose of the Block Captain Program is three-fold:

  1. Public Awareness: Block Captains raise awareness about the neighborhood, the community and Buena Park Neighbors Association.
  2. Community Projects: The Block Captain Program provides a mechanism for putting into action new community projects, as well as bolstering existing projects, to make a concrete impact on Buena Park.
  3. Leadership Pathways: The Block Captain Program provides pathways to leadership within Buena Park Neighbors, allowing community members to take on increased responsibilities and to learn more about leadership within the organization.

Buena Park Neighbors is currently recruiting additional block captains, particularly in the vacant blocks in the map below. If you are interested in learning more about how to get involved, please email Asher Mayerson, who leads the Block Captain Program, at

BPN Block Captain map - FINAL.png

If you want to get in touch with your block captain, please email him or her by clicking on their name below.

1. Vacant
2. Rosa Harf
3. Eileen Murphy
4. Eileen Murphy
5. Estelle Chandler
6. Alex Wolking
7. Colleen Fleming
8. Lindsey Bartholomew
9. George Szostkowski
10. Vacant
19. Renner Barsella
20. Vacant
21. Vacant
22. Jennifer Pacheco
23. Vacant
24. Vacant
25. Vacant
26.Robert Leininger
27. Scott Kruger
28. Margaret Furlong