Pride Films and Plays

The Last Sunday in JuneBy Jonathan Tolins

Directed by Michael Rashid
Sunday, June 28 – 7:00 pm

In 2002, Tolins’ penned THE LAST SUNDAY IN JUNE. the day of the annual Gay Pride Parade. Tom and Michael, his partner of seven years, intend to spend the day planning their impending move from the Big Apple to the upstate town of Nyack, but their plans are rerouted as one friend after another drops by to view the parade from the window of their apartment. A series of conversations about relationships follows amid the partying. Since this is the first time in decades the Pride Parade will NOT go down Broadway, the Pride reading celebrates a tradition as it looks at friends and lovers.

Unidentified Human Remains and the True Nature of Love

By Brad Fraser

Directed by Jacob Van Hoorn  
Thursday, July 1– 7:00 pm
Shocking when it first premiered in 1989,  this Canadian work follows the lives of several sexually frustrated “thirty-somethings” and one teenager who try to learn the meaning of love — during a time in which a serial killer is terrorizing the city. Candy is a heterosexual woman trying to meet the perfect man but who along the way finds herself experimenting with lesbianism; her gay roommate David no longer believes that love exists; Kane is a sexually confused teenager who idolizes David; Bernie is David’s troubled best friend; and Jerri is a lesbian who falls in love with Candy. Overlooking the proceedings is the otherworldly Benita, a prostitute with psychic abilities. Fraser’s drama still carries a punch.

Pride101: History of Drag and Makeup Demo

June 30th, 7pm CST – Limited capacity

Students will be introduced to a virtual hands-on experience and theory in stage makeup application and design for the performing arts with emphasis on drag artistry. The course will consist on a presentation of drag history and queer expressions throughout centuries. A makeup demonstration will follow on basic drag application and how it relates to theatre.


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