President’s Message

It is too early to celebrate but what progress we have made in the past three months in our battle with the Coronavirus.  Remember in March when the first stay at home order was issued and we couldn’t get our arms around the fact we were going to have to stay in our homes for two weeks?  Those two weeks came and went and then the month of April brought horrific spread of the pandemic with cases mounting and deaths occurring at  an unbelievable rate.  We listened daily to the briefings by Governor Pritzker and wondered when this “flattening of the curve” would occur.
The past few weeks have seen cases and deaths go down.  We have begun to open up our economy in a way that will give us the best chance to do so without suffering setbacks.  This week our beloved lakefront has opened up, and its starting to once again feel like “Good Living by the Lake.”  But its not over.  We need to be vigilant in our distancing and continue to wear our masks.  These are the only two things we have to protect ourselves and others who we come in contact with.  Please do your part to keep the progress going.  Buena Park strong!

Curt Wiley

President, Buena Park Neighbors


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  1. Christopher Rapisarda

    Thanks for the message and direction on COVID-19 and our responsibilities with public health. It seems important to ALSO remark on the recent protests in response to police violence and racism throughout our country. As some people I know recount, there are multiple pandemics happening concurrently. There is much work needed to address and recover from them both.

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