Good Bye Spring … Hello Summer.

March, April and May had to be about the worst months possible.  That is why we look forward to June with hopes that Covid 19 cases will continue to decline and we can get back to some of the activities that make Buena Park the essence of “Good Living by the Lake.”

We have registered 349 cases of Covid 19 in our zip code.  Not the most, but not the least in a city that has been ravaged by the virus.  If you spend a lot of time walking in the neighborhood, you see that residents of Buena Park are following social distance guidelines and, for the most part, wearing masks in public.  Memorial Day weekend saw many people enjoying the beautiful weekend in a safe manner.

When the Mayor starts to allow businesses in Buena Park to open and the Lakefront to be accessed, we will have to be vigilant about continuing to practice safe habits.  More people will be out, and less space will be available.  It will be more important than ever to wear a mask and maintain social distance if possible.  Not a lot to ask, quite frankly.  Nearly 80% of Americans support wearing a mask in public.  A study in New York City found that health care workers, police, fire,  and transit workers all had less likelihood of getting the virus than the general public.  Masks work!

Let’s have a great Summer in Buena Park, and make sure we do everything we can to put this chapter in the history of Buena Park and Chicago behind us.


Curt Wiley, President, Buena Park Neighbors,


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