Four things you can do to help prevent flooding

This past month has been the wettest May on record in 150 years of official rainfall measurements in Chicago. The result was flooding in streets, lawns, and even in some basements in Buena Park. “Everybody complains about the weather, but nobody does anything about it,” quipped Charles Dudley Warner. Well, there are things we can do to minimize flooding during these intense rainfalls.

·       Help prevent street flooding by clearing leaves and litter that block storm drains, and never dump pet waste in storm drains.

·       Divert gutter downspouts towards grassy areas or flower beds where water can be soaked into soil.  Make a rain garden.

·       Maintain a porous parkway surface using plants rather than bricks.

·       Plant your yard with more trees, bushes, and flowers, which soak up water much better than lawn grass and bare soil.

Get involved with the Buena Park Neighbors “Beautification and Sustainability Committee” to share your ideas and talents. Contact  


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