Buena Park Neighbors supports Lakeview Pantry

Buena Park Neighbors has contributed $500 to Lakeview Pantry and created a Go Fund Me page that seeks to raise $2,500 for this neighborhood food bank that is providing food for thousands of people in our area.
Lakeview Pantry, at the corner of Irving and Sheridan, has been providing food to those in need for nearly 50 years.  With the coming of the current pandemic, they have increased the number of people that receive food by over 150%.   They have opened new distribution facilities at Wrigley Field and are delivering food to those who are not able to come to their distribution sites.
Please join us in supporting this very important cause.  Your $50, $100 or whatever you choose will make a difference.  For every dollar you give, the Pantry can provide food for eight meals.

Donate at GoFundMe

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