Spring Clean Up … with a twist

Spring Clean Up … with a twist

While our Spring “Clean & Green” events are not happening as planned, the BPN Beautification & Sustainability Committee is seeking ways to help the neighborhood stay clean and green and to support our resilient community.

Living in a time of health pandemic and “social distancing” can leave us feeling helpless and isolated. We are in this together, Buena Park! Getting exercise outdoors is allowed and encouraged for our well being during the current “shelter in place” ordinance. [link to https://www2.illinois.gov/IISNews/21288-Gov._Pritzker_Stay_at_Home_Order.pdf] This can be an opportunity to explore new corners of Buena Park and reconnect with both the natural and built beauty around us.

As you walk or jog around our streets and lakeshore during the month of April, consider carrying a garbage bag and picking up some litter. The Swedes call this “plocka upp” or “plogging” [insert link https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plogging]. With some creativity, we can accomplish our shared goal of keeping Buena Park clean.

This is an asynchronous event, during which people are NOT to work in groups. Stay at least 6 feet apart from anyone else any time you are outside of your home. When picking up litter, you should wear gloves, which should be thrown out or washed after use. Of course, any time you return home, wash your hands immediately and thoroughly.

Post photos of your haul on social media using the hashtags #trashtag and #buenaparktrashtag.

Our committee also is drawing up tentative plans for gardening projects around Buena Park. We welcome your participation in the planning or in the soil. If you have questions or interest in joining us, please contact green@buenaparkneighbors.org.


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