Yoga Body Elements – Toddler Yoga and Family Yoga

Yoga Body Elements – Toddler Yoga, Family Yoga and Buddha Belly Kids Yoga are all available at Yoga Body Elements, 4003-4007 N. Broadway, 2nd Floor. Click here to discover all the details.

Toddler Yoga Tuesdays 9:30 am in Uptown
Busy Buddha-Toddler Yoga we focus on fun while we pose and relax. Through yoga, children will
learn tools and techniques to deepen self-awareness, regulate emotions, build self-confidence, and cultivate creativity. Our classes are created with an educator’s touch to mirror the developmental milestones of your child.

Family Yoga
Sundays 2:00 pm (once a month)
Adults and children will interact through moving, breathing, and connecting. We welcome
parents, caregivers, children, aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents to join us for an opportunity to be better
together and watch the magic of yoga unfold. This class is designed for families with children ages 2-8 years;
however, all ages are most welcome!
All children must be accompanied by a guardian.

Buddha Belly Kids Yoga is a mobile yoga company founded by educators and dedicated to nurturing kids’ innate desire for movement and play. We explore yoga and mindfulness through poses, breathing, and relaxation while encouraging creativity and fun. Our goal is for children of all ages to transfer these social-emotional learning skills outside of the yoga class and into their daily lives.

Join us at

Yoga Body Elements, 4003-4007 N Broadway, 2nd Floor, Chicago, IL 60613.


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