Human Citizen Workplace Continues to Showcase Development Opportunities for Members and Greater Community

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On September 25, Human Citizen Workplace recently hosted a self-defense session for its members. The session was taught by Torriente Toliver from Mind Body Defense, a local Buena Park business partner. Torriente uses kickboxing and self-defense as a vehicle to unlock the human potential of the modern professional. Mind Body Defense serves those who want to improve their fitness through purposeful action. Once one achieves fitness goals and becomes empowered, Mind Body Defense helps protect one’s new found confidence and quality of life.

Torriente explained and demonstrated:

  • Awareness (threat assessment in our surroundings).
  • Scripts to use when dealing with verbal conflict.
  • Physical skills that can be used to defend one’s body as a last resort.

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On September 24Human Citizen Workplace hosted DataconomyMedia GmbH, a global media group base in Berlin, Germany. DataconomyMedia travels across a complete continent to find the best speakers, connect with interesting partners and talk to all digital health entrepreneurs they can find! First stop Chicago! DataconomyMedia selected Human Citizen Workplace to facilitate an evening focused on talking with technology and health experts about Data & Health. Learn more at

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On August 29Human Citizen Workplace hosted a Financial Career Panel Discussion for college students seeking advice from career finance professionals. Students represented Northwestern, DePaul and Claremont McKenna College. HCW members joined panelists to offer students valuable insights and observations. The event was held in collaboration with Finimize, the global finance brand for millennials, that has over 250,000 users. Learn more at:

Human Citizen Workplace is a convenient, local coworking and collaborative workspace for individuals, teams, small businesses, and non-profits with all the productivity-boosting amenities of a downtown office, without the hike downtown. Human Citizen Workplace offers its members professional development and a vibrant community of innovative, driven professionals and students from a wide range of work disciplines. Human Citizen Workplace is the neighborhood community coworking space where people can work close to where they live to be more productive, get serious work done, and get connected to other successful working humans. Learn more at


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