Meet Buena Park Neighbor Alex Wolking

I was born and raised in the Quad Cities area and moved to Chicago in 2010 to attend school at DePaul University to study Business-Real Estate and graduated in 2014. Uptown always felt like home, and I loved the diversity of the area and watching the neighborhood blossom. I moved back to Chicago in September of 2016 and am glad to call Buena Park home.
In the spring of 2017 I came across Buena Park Neighbors and knew I wanted to get involved. The community is so vibrant, and the 1/2 mile x 1/2 mile area truly lives and feels like a small town. While growing up, I lived in a Queen Anne style home in a large historic district. At a young age I loved the small community feeling and how the architecture played into the tapestry. I followed my father in real estate. I wanted to help other people “find their ‘place’.” I had that same feeling when I moved to Buena Park.
So far, I have volunteered as a docent for the Hutchinson Street tours in the summer and am a block captain for Hutchinson (between Clarendon & Marine). I’m also an active member of Buena Park Neighbors Young Professionals and represent Buena Park Neighbora on the 46th Ward’s Zoning and Development Committee. I now sit on the Board for the Uptown Chicago Commission. Recently, I led walking tours of the homes for sale on Hutchinson Street for Landmarks Illinois and led an extended walking tour for the Uptown Historical Society.

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