Curt Wiley Is the New President of Buena Park Neighbors

Lisa von Drehle, President of Buena Park Neighbors, announced on Mon., March 26, 2018 that she is stepping down and will turn the reins of the organization over to Curt Wiley who currently serves as Vice President.

 “I have enjoyed my years as President and believe we have accomplished a great deal, but there is always a time for change and my time is now,” said von Drehle. “I look forward to continuing my life in Buena Park and will be involved in the neighborhood as it continues to change.”

 Wiley has lived in Buena Park with his wife, Priscilla Fossum, for three years. He retired and moved from Washington, D.C. where he served in the Obama Administration. He has been active in membership recruitment and in helping with management of Buena Park Neighbors.

 “I am pleased to become President of Buena Park Neighbors,” said Wiley. “Lisa von Drehle has done a wonderful job, and Buena Park Neighbors is doing more than it ever has because of her extraordinary effort over the years.”


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